Hints and Tips for Watercolour beginners

  1. Evening folks here is my first post on tips and hints for people who would like improve their watercolour paintings. Most people I meet in The Art Room group workshops come to art later on in life for lots of reasons mainly life and earning a living comes as the important things until they retire. Some people just want something to take them out of the busy hustle of life and help them to de stress.what ever the reason most people rush out buy a lot of unnecessary equipment and think they can produce a masterpiece in a short period of time. It’s about using a limited amount of equipment and building the skills in small pieces until your confidence develops. I am going to give you a shopping list of some basic equipment which we use at The Art Room for beginners and those that haven’t painted for a while.

  2. PAINTS Initially you shouldn’t need anymore than 8 colours. With the basic colours which include the primaries you can learn to mix most colours you need. Ultramarine Blue Pthalo Blue alternative ( Prussian blue) Vermillion alternative ( cadmium red, or scarlet ) Alizarin Crimson alternative ( Permanent Rose, quinacridone rose) Aureolin alternative ( cadmium yellow) Lemon Yellow alternative ( cadmium yellow light) Burnt Sienna alternative ( burnt umber) Raw Sienna alternative ( yellow ochre) Student quality is fine to start with but tubes are better than pans

  3. BRUSHES Round brushes sizes. 10, 8, 4 and 2 Flats small and medium Wash brush alternative ( a hake) Rigger no 1

  4. There are pieces of equipment ( If attending a workshop at The Art Room these extra are supplied to you)Paper 140lb or 300gsm cold pressed Palette. Ceramic plate Water container Kitchen roll Pencil Kneadable rubber Masking fluid ( pot) Extra brushesI will go into the equipment in more detail as we progress. I aim to get you to a point where you are creating work that keeps you excited and motivated and where you can see you are improving stage by stage. It won’t happen by the end of the week but you will keep seeing improvements along your journey and the experience should be pleasurable and therapeutic. The Art Room aims to get you improving with every single exercise and painting using all available techniques.SO LETS PREPARED FOR A JOURNEY OF ENJOYMENT AND ACHIEVEMENTS.Artist Delia Prudence Keep checking for updates and videos of techniques.Lots more to be learnt on a workshop at The Art Room with like minded people and friends.


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