May Newsletter The Art Room

Read what is happening at The Art Room this month as we start to plan for when the

lock-down starts to be hopefully reduced. Even though the shop as been shut both myself and Jae have been working relentlessly to bring new ideas and options to The Art

Room. I would like to send a big thank you to all the people out there that have supported us through out this pandemic and I hope each and everyone of you well. The Art Packs have been a great success and we will be continuing them as a product in the shop when we reopen and any one who has a pack are welcome to come along and we will happily do some extra projects for you free of charge for the rest of 2020.

Anyone using the packs please feel free to post your images up on face book so we can all take a look at the work you have done and I am sure they area all fantastic. Every piece of artwork is good and it is an achievement to be proud of .

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