support local retailers

Where you shop matters. We are now in another lockdown.

I am a believer in local support and I have closed as per the rules to help stop the spread of the virus however I still need an income so I have had to learn to adapt my business. Still it so easy for people to click on the main online stores like Amazon and the national companies who are keeping open on the streets.

Please find your local businesses and check out if they are online and help support those as they are essential businesses to the owners.

I am reducing some of my original pieces during Nov as I think they would be an ideal gift for someone special. They are original Watercolours by Delia Prudence.

Please note all these pieces are framed with a light oak effect wood frame and not the ones shown on the photos.

The North Bay Scarborough is 27 x 20 light wood frame reduced to £130

Blue Bell Wood is 26 x 22 light wood frame reduced to £100

The Dancing Ballerinas 20 x 16 lightwood frame reduced to £65

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